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Inter Milan's new defender is coming, what can Shike do? The midfield is over Juventus, and Conte asks not only to attack "Last season, Conte turned back to the bench and found that there was no suitable substitute for the midfielder. This year we want to satisfy him as much as possible and bring in everything he wants." Inter CEO Marotta reversed Viola 4-3 in the first round Said. When he lost to Dortmund in the Champions League last year, Conte made a similar complaint: "Who can I rely on? Can Barrera from Cagliari and Sensi from Sassuolo?" This year is different. The five substitutes in the first game are all mature players. Lukaku suffered a minor injury and is likely to start with Benevento Sanchez on Wednesday. Vidal and Ashraf may also be the main players. Marotta's words let the fans hear what Kanter meant. "Gazzetta dello Sport" analyzed the second goal. The midfielder lost Castrovelli. "If Kanter is here, this won't happen." Severnini, a reporter from China Market.com, said: "The current Inter midfielder has surpassed Juventus! Serie A has the strongest quantity and quality." Conte asked the midfielder after the first round of the game: "I want to attack too much, imbalance! Get the ball. Don’t be too optimistic.” It was the third time that Serie A lost 3 goals in a single game since Conte’s coaching in the last round. The first two were against Sassuolo, 4-3, 3-3. Skriniar had a lot of trading voices, and Tottenham did not make an official offer. The British Sky said that "Inter Milan's asking price is too high, Mourinho turned to Rudiger, who couldn't beat Chelsea." It's almost the same tone: "Shike is selling, but Tottenham is also swaying." Inter Milan executives have different attitudes. Osilio said "stay on the team", and Conte kept an open attitude: "If the price is right, everything is possible. If he stays in the team, he will be as professional as before." There are not many days left in the transfer. Many Inter Milan stars feel that it is not appropriate to sell Shik. "Any team in Serie A can play the main force. I don’t understand why they can’t play. On." Conte thinks he is not suitable for playing three central defenders. Damian’s landing is imminent and will be done this week (Midi thinks it’s the fastest today), Parma’s new manager Carli admitted after the game on Monday night: “If this is not Damian’s last game, it’s also the penultimate game. And Inter Milan last year. It was settled and I was not there at the time. I was told that it had been decided when I came.” The contact with Inter Milan also talked about the transfer of Gervinho. After the new American boss of Parma, Klaus, he wanted to completely renovate and sell it. Valuable elderly players include Kuzka. If the 33-year-old Hot Bird arrives at Inter Milan (changes 343's winger), Pinamonti will go to Parma. Still negotiating. Damian is more suitable for the three center defenders than the diners? Diners were also difficult to play on Wednesday because of the transfer. Vecino and Lanozia left the team and temporarily stopped. Naples did not want to spend a penny on Vecino and waited for the visa-free next year; 14 people from Genoa (11 players + 3 coaching staff) were diagnosed with positive, Lanozi Asia will not go at least in the league on Wednesday. Bastoni was just a cameo in the central defender's performance. In addition to DeVry, Inter Milan does not have a central defender rotation. Lanozia will also consider more.

国际米兰的新后卫来了,希克能做什么?中场在尤文图斯之上,孔戴不仅要求进攻 “上个赛季,孔戴转身到替补席上,发现没有合适的替代品来代替这名中场。今年,我们希望尽可能满足他,并把他想要的一切都带进来。”国际米兰首席执行官马洛塔在第一轮赛义德中以4-3逆转中提琴。孔戴(Conte)去年在冠军联赛中输给多特蒙德(Dortmund)时,也提出了类似的抱怨:“我可以依靠谁?卡利亚里(Cagliari)的巴雷拉(Barrera)和萨索洛(Sassuolo)的森西(Sensi)可以吗?” 今年不同。第一局的五个替补都是成熟球员。卢卡库(Lukaku)受到轻伤,很可能在周三从贝内文托·桑切斯(Benevento Sanchez)开始。维达尔和阿什拉夫也可能是主要参与者。马洛塔(Marotta)的话让粉丝们听到了坎特(Kanter)的意思。 《米兰体育报》分析了第二个目标。中场失去了卡斯特罗韦利。 “如果坎特在这里,那将不会发生。”来自中国市场新闻网的记者塞韦尼尼说:“目前的国米中场已经超过尤文图斯!意甲的数量和质量都最强。”孔戴在比赛第亚博下注一轮后问中场:“我想进攻太多,失衡!拿到球。不要太乐观。”这是自孔戴上轮执教以来,意甲联赛第三次在单场比赛中输掉3个进球,前两个分别是4-3、3-3对抗萨索洛。 Skriniar有很多交易声音,而热刺没有给出正式报价。英国天空电视台表示:“国际米兰的要价太高,穆里首页尼奥求助于无法击败切尔西的鲁迪格。”这几乎是相同的语气:“希克在卖东西,但热刺也在摇摆。”国际米兰的高管有不同的态度。奥西里奥说“待在团队中”,孔戴保持开放的态度:“如果价格合适,一切皆有可能。如果他留在团队中,他将像以前一样专业。”转移中没有多少天了。许多国际米兰球星都认为不适合出售Shik。 “意甲的任何一支球队都可以发挥主力。我不明白他们为什么不可以发挥作用。”孔戴认为他不适合打三名中后卫。 Parma的新任经理Carli在周一晚上的比赛后承认,Damian的降落迫在眉睫,并将在本周完成(Midi认为这是今天最快的)。还有去年的国际米首页兰。它已经解决了,当时我不在那儿。有人告诉我这是我来的时候决定的。”与国际米兰的接触还谈到了热尔维尼奥的转会。继帕尔马(Parma)的新任美国老板克劳斯(Klaus)之后,他想彻底翻新并出售它。有价值的老年球员包括库兹卡。如果这位33岁的“热鸟”到达国际米兰(改变343的边路),皮纳蒙蒂将前往帕尔马。仍在谈判中。达米安比食客更适合三个中锋吗?由于转会,食客在星期三也很难玩。 Vecino和Lanozia离开了队伍并暂时停下来。那不勒斯不想花一分钱在维奇诺上,等待明年的免签证。来自热那亚的14人(11位球员+ 3位教练人员)被诊断为阳性,Lanozi Asia至少不会在星期三进入联盟。巴斯托尼只是中后卫表现的客串。除了德弗里,国际米兰还没有中央后卫轮换阵容。 Lanozia也将考虑更多。

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